1. Automation with PLC AB, Mitsubishi & Delta :

  • PLC panel drawing and manufacturing depend on number of
  • PLC programming and installation.
  • Multigauging stages monitoring system we have provided to
    our customer.
  • Operator should not skip any step if he miss any stage our
    system will give alarm.
  • We can monitor two parts or models using our panel. We have
    provided selection switch for model 1 and model 2.

2. Allen bradley PLC for sugar factory automation :

  • We have controlled cane carrier and rake carrier
    motor of high current capacity motors through our
  • Our system can monitor different currents of Cane aveler motor and fibreriser motor if the current exceeds beyond the limit we have to lower the speed of cane carrier.

3. Vision system for various fault finding :

Challenge: System integration:
Solution: We as DreamzIoT give solution for the problem of our customer in production.
  • Our client faced many difficulties in identifying the pattern of headlights.
  • The headlights bulbs lights has to fall in particular angle.
  • The data security was an issue and the data was on local desktop.
  • This coupled with the fact that the industry they served required a full proof, zeroerror and reliable solution meant the company was at a competitive disadvantage.This led them to seek the expert advice and knowledge of DreamzIoT and its teamof Cloud Strategists and Azure Specialists.
  • We provided Vision based solution for Aiming.
  • In this we are monitoring the pattern of headlight.
  • Exact pattern should be indicated with green line which is
    captured and drawn by master image pattern.
  • Red lines are tolerance range and blue line shows actual
    position of lamp. Accordingly operator will shift the position
    manual operation and match with the green line.
  • When the pattern matches with the specified.

4. Other Vision system that used for various applications:

Fault finding applications:
Benefits of vision:
  • Such as inspecting parts.
  • Ensuring packaging integrity.
  • Verifying various dimensions.
  • Missing component identification in
  • Holes identification in machine part.
  • Visual Inspection of components.
  • Colour detection RGB.
1. High speed solution.
2. Reduce Errors.

     Ensure fewer bad parts enter the market which cause costly recalls and  tarnish a company’s reputation. Prevent mislabeled products whose label doesn’t match the content. These defects create unhappy customers, have a negative impact on your brand reputation, and pose a serious safety risk  especially with pharmaceutical products and food items for customers with allergies.

  • Increase Yield : Turn additional available material into saleable product. Avoid scrapping expensive materials and rebuilding parts. Reduce downtime by detecting product routing errors that can cause system disruptions.
  • Tracking Parts and Products : Uniquely identify products so they can be tracked and traced throughout the manufacturing process using barcode and RFId tags. Avoid component shortages, reduce inventory, and shorten delivery time.
  • Comply with Regulations : To compete in some markets, manufacturers must comply with various regulations. In pharmaceuticals, a highly regulated industry, machine vision is used to ensure product integrity and safety.

5. Bar code printing and scanning software :

  • Client had hardware components on which manual bar code was printed. This bar code was notsustainable due to oily surface, material handling, transport issues.
  • Customer had a problem in sending components to vendor Due to improper bar code the material wassent to the wrong vendors.
  • Many a times the components used to get mismatched as per PO.
  • The major issues was with internal dimensions and outer dimensions which varies from vendor to vendor.
  • Customer had manual bar code system which was messy at times. As the materials had oily surface thisbar code use to get wiped or get removed due to the oily surface, wrong material handling procedure, etc.
  • The machine objective is to recognize the part on the fixture and print the bar code, confirm the part number printed on the bar code by scanner and then de clamp the part from the fixture.
  • We provided a system with auto bar code printing, where we removed human errors completely.
  • This system was delivered for automatic bar code printing & scanning to remove human errors completely.
Concept & Sequence of Activities Followed were as follows:
  • As soon as the operator will load the part on the machine, the machine will lock the part on the machine. 
  • The operator will select the part number from the HMI. Here the machine fixture will recognize the part by laser sensors. 
  • After confirmation of the physical part on the fixture and the operator selection from the machine, the printer will print the bar code 2D label. 
  • The machine will print the barcode label which is oil proof and paste it on the part.
  • Now the operator will scan the label on the part.
  • The machine will verify that the part and the bar code is correct.
  • After confirmation of the bar code and part, the machine will de clamp the part from the fixture.
  • The machine will not release the part if the part and the label pasted on the part does not match.
 Voltage and Current measurement Unit:
  • Main purpose of this system is to find the life of car
    sensors by taking various quality tests. 
  • While passing through different test finding out the
    full rated voltage and current flowing through the sensor.
  • These test are short circuit test, reverse polarity, full
    load current etc.
  • In this unit voltage and current flowing through the
    sensors has been calculated and same has been
    shown on the HMI using MODBUS.
Pulse Jet Controller and PH meter:
PH meter/ Controller:
  • It is mainly used in Air filter units. And Dust collection system.
  • Using this controller fresh air can be separated from the dusty air.
  • Air Pressure is passed through the solenoid valves which can operates through
    controllers so that the dust gets stuck to the bags n fresh air moves out from the
  • The accumulated dust can be reused for various purposes in industries.
  • Objective of the project is to find the nature of the solution whether it is
    alkaline / acidic or neutral. If it is neutral add caustic accordingly. It is
    continuously monitoring system.
  • For every instance data will be stored in the unit. 
  • User can set master setting for digital signals output. It can be communicate
    with PLC/controller for further operations using Modbus.

6. Supply chain management:


 Our customer was a floor tiles provider. They wanted to Optimise operations functionality to be fast and efficient. They needed a highly- detailed system of products to consumers, from obtaining raw materials, manufacturing and delivering the final product to the customer. He wanted to boost his customer service by delivering the products quickly and timely manner. Also, he wanted to reduce the operation cost.

Solution:  We developed an ERP which satisfies the clients needs right from the lead generation to the delivery of the product.

This can be explained diagrammatically as follows:
  • Supply chain incorporated product innovation strategies, integrated logistics, production tactics and forecasting demand.
  • It helped to decrease costs by improving inventories, adapts to customer requirements,
    stabilizes relationships with distributors and vendors.
  • Helped in greater communication with forecasts, reporting, quotation and statuses in real time.
  • It helped the business to collaborate better, streamline the whole production and distribution process, this directly translated to the company’s bottom line and improved the overall output.
  • As a result, His business is enjoying greater profits and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Supply chain can be used for various organizations with little customization varying